Scandyna – far from square

They say the future doesn’t fit in a box… Good thing our speakers are far from square.

Don’t kill good sound!

Music can thrill, move and soothe you, so why are most music systems so, well, ordinary? We believe your music should look as good as it sounds, which is why the Scandyna range was created.

Meet the designer of MNP

A powerful fascination for sound and the nature of music and its unique ability to create spaces and bring people together. This was the inspiration for Simon Ghahary.

Simon Ghahary also finds inspiration in the world around him; in art, nature and technology as well as in his own passion for science fiction. His vision to create a speaker that transcends its mere function and becomes an aesthetic experience in its own right makes him a pioneer in the field of speaker design. Scandyna speakers are sculpted objects that define a space and become inspiring elements, even when not in use.

Simon Ghahary sought to design a speaker capable of achieving perfect sound quality whilst at the same time challenging the traditional, square standard. He is convinced that the ideal way of transmitting sound waves is via round cabinets without level surfaces and sharp corners. In the speakers, sound is visualised and reflected in the undulating shapes of the design, creating a living, organic whole. The vision behind the speaker is thus not simply to achieve advanced technical functionality, but to make an aesthetic statement.

This makes Scandyna speakers objects of attachment and synonymous with personal choice, just as Simon Ghahary intended. The opportunity to collaborate with Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeaker Ltd. arose against the background of the budding UK club scene of the 1980s and the electronic tendencies of that time. In 1991 the first MNP prototype was created using salvaged loudspeaker components. This paved the way for a new, revolutionary way of designing speakers that has given Simon Ghahary cult status.

MCP Bluetooth setup video

Setting up you MCP Bluetooth speakers is easy, but we have made it even easier for you. Follow the steps in this short video.

How to install spikes on MCP

It is easy to install spikes on your MCP loudspeaker – check it out here.


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