Bluetooth Speakers

With a Bluetooth speaker it doesn’t get any easier! You can easily and conveniently stream your favorite music directly from your smartphone, PC and all other Bluetooth devices.

If you are looking for a nice setup for either TV or PC, we have made it easy for you! We have put together a complete stereo package that contains EVERYTHING you need to get the best sound at the best price. With this stereo package, you can also stream music via Bluetooth.

So if you are looking for stereo and real HiFi sound, then you have come to the right place!

Scandyna MNP Bluetooth

From  499,00

/ pcs

Scandyna MNP Bluetooth is perfect for you who don’t want to compromise on good sound. You get great sound in a unique design with attractive colour options. Use Scandyna MNP Bluetooth to stream your favourite music via Bluetooth from your smartphone, tablet, and all other Bluetooth streaming devices.

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Scandyna TV-Pack

From  799,00

/ pack

This stereo pack is a perfect choice for improving the sound of your flatscreen TV and PC – we have created a custom package to make it easier for you to choose the components that pair well together for improving your TV and PC sound and listen in real stereo. All ready to go out of the box!

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