HiFi Speakers

Passive speakers

HiFi speakers are “passive”, meaning they require an external power amplifier in order to operate. So, you will need an external stereo amplifier or AV surround sound receiver for your passive HiFi speakers.

With a passive HiFi speaker you will also need speaker cables, to be able to transfer the sound from the amplifier to the speakers.

Scandyna MCP

From  258,00

/ pair

This small, almost spherical, palm-sized loudspeaker has now been upgraded with brand new units (drive units) and comes in white and black high gloss finish. This is a HiFi speaker so you will need to connect with an amplifier.

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Scandyna MNP

From  675,00

/ pair

The MNP is one of the world’s most recognized loudspeakers. MNP is a HiFi speaker and therefore it requires an amplifier. Once connected to the amplifier you will get the sweet sound.

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Sound is wireless.
So should you speakers be

Control your HiFi Speakers with our app via STP. If you already have our MCP Air, just download the free Scandyna App on your phone or tablet. Search, play, pause, queue songs, and adjust the volume directly from your phone anywhere in the house.

Download the app here


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