The story behind the iconic speakers

“It began with sculptural, rounded forms, with anatomical contours. Objects to inspire a connection to music. A connection designed to deliver a superior sound quality over the conventional rectangular enclosures. It was fitting that the first designs coincided with the emergence of a new wave of an electronically based music. Here were objects that expressed a new way of listening – with your eyes as well as your ears.”

Simon Ghahary, Designer.

The early start

In 1991, the first MNP prototype was created by Simon Ghahary and Lawrence Dickie, using recycled speaker components. This paved the way for a new and revolutionary way of designing speakers. The designer, Simon Ghahary, has since gained a very high status among speakers.

The vision of “shaping sound” became representative of Simon Ghahary’s desire to create a new, unique design, where form follows function to transform and optimize the sound experience compared to traditional speaker design. The sculptural curves testify to an experimental and imaginative bid for the design, a desire to break with tradition and create something new in aesthetics and sound.

The speaker that started it all is the iconic MNP, which today is known for its unique design. The first MNP was made and sold in 1995. At this time, production and number of employees were minimal, and initially, only 4000 pieces were produced. It was thus a relatively exclusive product, and the price was DKK 12,000 per. pcs. At this moment the speaker was sold under the brand name BlueRoom but have since become known under the name Scandyna, which also is the name the speakers are sold under today.

Scandyna took over production in 1998 and after some changes in production, the price could be lowered so that it was more affordable, and more people could therefore buy the product. It was also here that more colors were added to the range. Since then, new varieties were added.

Art meets function

Simon Ghahary’s goal was to break the traditional and create a contrast to the “square boxes” that were made basically for function. The speakers have been designed as a form of art where form follows function. Of course, the technicality had to be on point, but more emphasis was placed on the appearance of the speaker, which was to break the norm in design.

The MNP’s design is today 30 years old but is still just as timeless and modern. Over time, improvements have been made, and new versions have been added. See the latest MNP HERE.


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