I’m Paolo Pellegrino DJ & Producer as soon as I saw the BigPods it was love at first sight.

I was attracted mainly for their design and the colour… but then I turned them on and I heard how amazing they are !

The sound is clean, clear and detailed. The bass is smooth and above all controlled.

They are complete in all respects, versatile for all circumstances.

I use them for everything and now are always part of my daily life in the studio as a reference monitor, for my DJs set as a live monitor.

Doesn ‘t matter how loud is the volume(and I can guarantee that I pushed them almost to the maximum), on the floor with its feet or resting on a base without feet, I have never noticed any kind of vibration or distorsion.

I am fully satisfied of them and I think everyone should have a pair of BigPods at home.

It would be great if Scandyna could make amplified BigPods specifically for djsets in the future.

And if it happens I hope to be one of the first to have them!


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